What is your role in the NHS?

When did you have your innovative idea to tackle a problem that you saw in the NHS?

Who did you turn to for advice over the following few months and why?

What did you see as the barriers - internal or external to progressing your idea?

Please rate the following potential internal/external support mechanisms as to whether they would have helped progress your idea earlier and/or faster, to where it is now: 

1) A small pot of money (circa £10/15,000) for you to test and validate the idea or to act as a co-funder to help you do so

If money was not an issue, could you please explain why?

2) Availability of an innovation mentor or advisor within your organisation

3) Availability of an innovation mentor or advisor outside of your organisation

4) Availability of spare time within your working day to progress the idea

5) Availability of technical expertise to help you - such as design, coding or engineering know how

Are there any other barriers that you experienced?

Do you have an interest in spreading your idea across the NHS as a company or just as shared learning and leave it up to others to adopt it or not?

Are you interested in setting up a business to sell your innovation or licensing it to others?

Is there anything else you would like to share?

Thank you for participating in this survey. We will use the insights gained to consider very seriously how DigitalHealth.London could support you better in moving forward your digital innovation endeavours.
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